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Strength in Body & Mind

Hi! I’m Grace and my passion lies with helping my clients smash their goals and realise their full potential. I believe that fitness is for everyone and my mission is to show you that you don't have to be of a certain age, body type, ability, predisposed or have good genetics to train hard and achieve your body and fitness goals.

I did not grow up as a sporty or active child. In fact I loathed PE class and spent most of my younger years avoiding physical activity. I was a bit of an outcast and a misfit as a teenager who preferred drawing and listening to music to any type of sport or activity. I rebelled, struggled with my body image and unfortunately developed an eating disorder which plagued my life for years to come.

I used exercise as a tool for punishment instead of a way to honour my body. I tucked myself away in the gym doing hours of cardio and random exercises on machines without any real structure or purpose. I made no progress, had no direction and grew no stronger in my mind or body.

It wasn't until my mid 20s when I went vegan and grew interested in strength training that I built a desire and inspiration to find confidence in my body and discover the benefits of a vegan lifestyle through fitness that I fell in love with strength training and knew that this was a way that I could help others. It has now become so much more to me than physical appearance and I am now on a mission to help others feel confident and find strength in body and mind through training and building sustainable nutrition and lifestyle habits.

Rather than a quick fix, my programs will help change your lifestyle to achieve long term results, strengthen your mental health, and create a fresh perspective on food and nutrition.

If you’re ready to join the #MisfitMuscle squad and experience the transformation for yourself - sign up NOW!

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